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Admission Counselling

Getting accepted in a UK university may become a tedious task, keeping in mind the eligibility criteria and the previous educational qualification of the prospective students. This is where we offer the assistance to fulfil the application criteria, inform you of any shortcoming and also how to overcome them for successful acceptance in the chosen institute. We provide admission consultancy for Foundation, Degree, Pre-Masters, Masters and PhD courses.


Different universities and colleges offer bursaries and scholarships to international students based on courses offered by them. The scholarship grant differs by institute and courses it is assigned to. While these are limited in number, we try our best to ensure financial support and workout any fee discounts available.

Accommodation Advice

While assisting you with your admission application, we also assist you in finding suitable accommodation in conjunction with the university accommodation facilities or through private housing facilities available in the vicinity. There are different residential choices, i.e., renting en-suite rooms or rooms with shared facilities in a shared house or apartment/flat.

Immigration Advice

Our partners are specialised in immigration matters and available to answer any queries and potential issues associated with your travelling and lawful stay. This advisory service is free of charge and we ensure a smooth transition with a peace of mind; this is why our immigration advisors are happy to assess your visa application before it is submitted.

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